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It’s time to face the facts. With organizations, markets and society as a whole are under increasing pressure to change, businesses can no longer think of human resources, branding and organizational transformation as separate disciplines. Why? Because each holds sway over the others and all three are affected by internal and external factors.

Hi! Employer Strategies provides expert guidance and advice at this strategically important intersection.

We help companies and organizations establish sustainable employer relations – by building a profile of you as an employer and using that profile to create a strong connection between an individual and your company. The cornerstones of our approach are recognition, appreciation and security. For employers, this means choosing a position, looking to the future from there – and getting started.

the benefits of diversity

No two paths are the same. Using a wide range of tools and strategies from the fields of personnel management, brand management, organizational design and change management, Hi! Employer Strategies creates a custom roadmap for every project, including recommendations on which of our service modules best fit your business needs. Then, we work together to set things in motion.

Consulting and support at the intersection of HR, branding and transformation: strategy development/guiding principle development/brand strategy/employer value proposition/communication strategy.

Developing relevant themes together, for example: brand identity/the role of HR in the company/internal communication/ turning employees into brand ambassadors.

Establishing reliable connections:<br /> touchpoint planning / internal and external brand activation / candidate & employee journey / talent relationship management / leadership culture / corporate culture /

Producing initial results quickly: digital audit/job advertisement check/tone check.

Creating a foundation of facts, figures and data to aid in decision-making: market analysis/competitive analysis/target group analysis/persona development.

fast-track each part in the process

Approachable, open, transparent. This is how we work with – and for – our customers. We know the importance of listening, exchanging ideas and providing honest feedback. Our work is based on mutual trust and respect. And always keeping our common goals in mind.

Hi! is the friendly starting point of any discussion. But it’s also a mindset – one that enables us to create new solutions, even if we don’t always agree. And we practice what we preach when it comes to the newest ways of working: agile when it makes sense, decentralized but happy to work on site, digital and yet highly personal. With full-time project managers and a network of satellite offices, we bring the pieces together and get the whole thing off the ground.

thinking ahead

The driving force behind Hi! Employer Strategies is Rotraud Diwan. An accomplished brand strategist with more than 20 years’ consulting experience, Diwan has worked with large international communications agencies, on freelance projects and for her own company.

Diwan’s focus is strategic consulting in the field of employer relations. She works at the intersection of change management, organizational design and new workplace best practices. She does not see the development of an employer brand as a goal in and of itself, but as a starting point for a company to reposition itself – consistently.

Together with her core team, Diwan manages a network of HR, branding, communication, organizational design and transformation experts.

Hi! Employer Strategies is a joint venture of